FAQs for Zeno Token Holders

Is there a walkthrough tutorial on how to set up my wallet?

Yes, you can watch a short video tutorial here or view the ReadMe guide here.

How do I import my existing wallet with my seed phrase?

When you’re on the wallet login screen, click the “New Wallet” button. Choose a new password and tick the “Import Wallet from Seed Phrase” checkbox before proceeding to the next step.

How do I update my wallet if I already have a version installed?

If you are installing a new version of the State wallet (version 1.0.6 or above), you will need to uninstall your previous wallet version before installing the new version. Should you receive any standard security warnings while installing the wallet on Windows, simply click through these. They will not affect the functionality of the wallet in any way. For Mac users, you'll just need to grant security access for the app to run.

I’m a Mac user. Why do I get a trust warning from my OS when installing the wallet?

As of the 1.0.6 version, our wallet does not yet have Apple trust certificates. This causes the installation to be blocked by your operating system and therefore needs to be manually authorised by you. While we will introduce certificates at a later stage in development, it is nothing to be concerned about when accessing or using your wallet, as it is just a requirement for all applications when distributed on computer systems at a large scale.
All you will need to do when installing the wallet is to click through the security access requests and the wallet will continue to install.
If you have a question or you are in need of technical assistance, please contact us at dev@zenotta.com.

What is a seed phrase and what happens if I lose mine?

One of the great advantages of self-custody is being able to safeguard your own digital assets, where only you have access and control. However, this also requires you to take the utmost care securing your seed phrase. Also known as a ‘recovery phrase’, a seed phrase is a unique set of random words generated at wallet creation, which is what you will need to recover your assets should you lose access to your wallet. It is essential to never lose your seed phrase, as it is the only way to access your wallet once it’s been created. By losing your seed phrase, not only do you lose access to your wallet, but also the funds or assets held inside it.

Why does my wallet have multiple addresses?

The Zenotta blockchain follows a UTXO-based ledger as opposed to the account-based ledger. You can read a technical explanation here and a general introduction here.

How are these addresses generated?

The wallet addresses are generated via a complex mathematical process, where your seed phrase is provided as an input into a cryptographic operation, which uses this input to generate a large number of addresses programmatically.

My password doesn’t work, what can I do?

The password of a wallet is solely used to access your wallet once it has been imported on your computer. It is only associated to the local instance of a wallet, which means that if you import your wallet on a different computer, you will need to create a new password. The password cannot be used to recover a lost wallet.

How do I change my password?

As long as you have your seed phrase, you can reset your wallet password at any time by reimporting your wallet from the seed phrase.

My wallet does not auto-refresh. What can I do?

This is a known issue and will be resolved in future version of the wallet. However, you can resolve this by refreshing your wallet in one of two ways:
- Log out of your wallet and log in again
- Click on the settings tab and then head back to the wallet main page

How do I remove a wallet from my computer?

In your local user folder, search for the hidden folder called “.zen_state_w” and delete it. This will remove your wallet from your computer. Keep in mind that it is essential to keep your seed phrase secure before doing this, if you wish to regenerate the wallet and access your assets/funds.

I’m experiencing network issues. How can I resolve this?

Network issues can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as limited Internet connectivity or firewall restrictions. At certain times, it can also be caused by upgrades or maintenance on the Zenotta blockchain network, requiring periodic downtime.
If the network issues still persist for extended periods of time, please contact our technical support team at dev@zenotta.com