From Crypto Valley to Data Valley

Zenotta is featured in December’s newsletter of the Economic Promotion Canton of Zug, Switzerland’s globally leading 'Crypto Valley' Canton. Read more about our efforts, and those of other important players such as Switzerland’s DIDAS, enabling an inclusive, privacy-friendly and friction-less future for society's digital and data needs.

Ep227: How to make real-world assets tradable via Blockchain

Andrew Kessler, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Zenotta, speaks to Robin Amlôt of IBS Intelligence about how digital currency has yet to achieve its potential as a means of exchange and details how assets may be digitised, and how enterprise can benefit from networks which secure the transfer of such digital assets.

Korea IT Times - Zenotta raises $10.7M in 10-Day Seed Funding Round

Smart data and P2P electronic trade system closes first seed funding round with early backers and private investors. Zenotta, the peer-to-peer electronic trade system and Smart Data Platform, today announces a raise of 10 million Swiss Francs ($10.7M USD) through token sales, in its first seed funding round.

The Blockhash Podcast with Andrew Kessler - CTO at ZENOTTA AG

Today on the podcast, CTO Andrew Kessler and Brandon Zemp dive into Zenotta. A blockchain platform introducing “Smart Data”, a decentralized file format leveraging the power of blockchain and encryption to create programmable data that can be truly owned with identity, rights, intelligence and privacy embedded at the data level. ...

Fintech Finance - Zenotta Raises $10.7M in 10-Day Seed Funding Round

Roelou Barry, CEO and Co-founder of Zenotta, said: “The overwhelmingly positive reaction amongst our network of private investors and early-stage backers is a testament to our unprecedented vision of creating a digital system in which files are the medium of exchange. For five years, Zenotta has operated on a self-funded basis giving us the freedom to develop and refine extremely solid foundations for the Zenotta Digital System." ...